Maximize Revenue

To actively contribute to the maximization of the revenue accruing to the state from the transit trade by working in close collaboration with all stakeholders for the total elimination of the diversion of transit cargo from Ghana.

United Front

To serves as a united front and umbrella body for all legitimate haulage transport, cargo and heavy duty commercial road transporter associations on transit and their members from within the territory of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and its immediate environs.

Liaison Services

To provide liaison services between member associations/unions and the GPHA

Promote, Protect & Improve

To promote, protect, improve and develop the profession of stakeholders within the haulage transport value-chain.

Member Welfare

To safeguard and promote the welfare of members of JAPTU members.


To utilize appropriate advocacy methods to ensure that the haulage transport industry is properly positioned to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of member countries

Support Members

To support members, both in state and private employment, to ensure that their interests are protected in employment contracts.

Increase Power and Leverage

To increase the power and leverage of members in bargaining relationships within the appropriate quarters.

Enabling Environment

To offer advocacy services and mechanisms that will result the creation of the required enabling environment for businesses of members to thrive.

Financial Support

To seek and provide financial support services to members.

Recognize & Reward

To recognize, reward and award exemplary works of members as a means to motivate and build thriving and sustainable haulage industry in the West African Sub-Region.

Advocate for Legislation

To advocate for appropriate supportive legislation and accompanying policies protect the operations and personnel of members.

Seek Interest of Members

To seek the interest of and represent members in their dealings and relations with other national and international industry related bodies.

Serve As Effective Conduit

To serve as an efficient and effective conduit for the dissemination of industry-related technology and skills to members.

Foster Unity

To foster unity, mutual co-operation and cohesion among members


To be the most effective, efficient, reputable and self-sustaining labour union with a united membership advocating for rights at work.



To organize and educate workers; recruit and retain members and carry out advocacy through comprehensive systems, policies, procedures in the promotion and protection of rights at work.

Leadership Team


Alhaji Madi Babamu, Secretary - Tema Main Habour


Chairman Sule-G.N.T.D.A


Elvis Akornortey
GNTDA Secretary


Alhaji Kassim Osman,
Chairman Tema Main Habour Co-operative Transport Society


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